Whiskey and Cigars

For those of you that couldn’t be here in the shop last night, we had a representative from Balcones Whiskey here pouring samples of six different spirits. They are a fantastic distillery based in Waco, Texas. All the spirits they brought here were extremely well received and many cigar were consumed along side the tastings.

Many people ask me what libation should I pair my cigar with. This is like asking me to describe the color Grey. You could ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. However, like life would have it, some people have a stronger opinion that others. On that note, I’ll give you my one man’s opinion. I prefer something that is slightly sweet. It doesn’t have to be full of sugar by any means. It just seems a bit more enjoyable to be a bit on the sweeter side rather than the bitter side. Given that, I had two customers in here a week ago drinking Rombauer Chardonnay. They were happy and who am I to say different.

Here are some things that I’ve had in the past with a cigar:



Sherry - Oloroso



Red Wine

Coffee- I prefer mine with a bit of sugar

I will say that one of my customers swears that a Red Bull is the best compliment to a good cigar. Some people claim that smoking a cigar slightly drops a person’s blood sugar, so therefor the smoker naturally desires a bit of sugar. Many people swear by having a Coke.

Regardless, your first priority should be:

  1. Find a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy yourself or company with others

  2. Find a cigar you want to try for the first time or have had and really enjoy

  3. Drink whatever you want

  4. Be Grateful you have accomplished the first three goals

    Many people in the world don’t have the opportunity or ability or health to enjoy these simple things. I am very grateful that I can and can often.

Now some pictures from the whiskey tasting last night.

Ashe Cigars Dallas.JPEG
Ashe Cigars Dallas 2.JPEG
Ashe Cigars Dallas 3.jpg
Ashe Cigars Balcones Whiskey.jpg
Ashe Cigars Dallas 4.JPEG
Ashe Cigars Dallas 5.JPEG
Ashe Cigars Dallas 6.JPEG