Creating a new cigar from scratch

On the Sunday before Christmas I met up with Noel Rojas of Rojas Cigars in his warehouse/factory in Richardson, Texas, just 20 minutes away from my shop. Noel Rojas was born in Cuba and worked in Nicaragua for six years rolling and making cigars. He has plenty of experience and knowledge of the tobacco industry from a manufacturer’s point of view. We make a good pair. The Ashe offers five of his house rolls and I wanted to create a unique to The Ashe blend of cigar to offer our customers here. It was a long and very educational day.

It started at 10:30 in the morning with a display of all the tobaccos he has in his tool chest. We discussed what flavor profiles that we were trying to offer in a new cigar. Then we started testing different tobaccos. This may seem simple, but after the third or fourth sample, my notes came in handy. The first thing we tried was one leaf from one type of tobacco plant. Then the next thing we tried was a combination of two leaves, then came endless combinations. After 18 samples and combinations there of, we settled on one blend. This was after numerous bottles of water, lots of discussion and a very heavy lunch.

This was probably the most educational day I have ever had in the cigar industry. Not only was Noel Rojas kind and patient with me, but his wealth of knowledge and skills made for a productive day and memorable.

Please drop by to try the new signature blend for The Ashe. Coming Soon!!!!

rojas cigars 1.jpg
rojas cigars 2.jpg
rojas cigars 3.jpg
rojas cigars 4.jpg
Rojas Cigars 6.jpg