What is the DNA of a cigar shop? Well that answer could take on volumes of opinions and extremely unscientific conversation. However when choosing where to spend your free time to have a cigar and casual conversation, consider a few things when visiting a new shop. Things such as ownership, cleanliness, selection and the welcoming or lack of from the regular customers inside. Sometimes walking into a new shop is like walking into a new barber shop where everyone knows each other’s business and all the inside jokes. One key indicator is how the owner welcomes a new customer into the store and likewise how the regulars customers welcome a new customer. The hospitality offered by the customers can outweigh just about anything often times.

I, like everyone, have spent small and large amounts of time in cigar shops and they all have their unique atmosphere and DNA. Like most people, I will drive farther and pay more to deal with people I enjoy dealing with. There is nothing I hate more than spending my money somewhere where my business is not appreciated.

Stanley Marcus, founder of Neiman Marcus, said word to the affect, We are not in the clothing business, we are in the repeat customer business. Truer words have never be spoken. Even if a woman bought a cocktail dress on Friday and brought it back smelling like champagne and perfume on Saturday, Neiman Marcus accepted the return with a smile. One unhappy customer is more powerful than 100 good customers.

In Dallas, there is no shortage of cigar shops and those shops vary drastically in DNA.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. Its free and always available.s