Blending a New Cigar

I’ve now had the opportunity to create a cigar from scratch twice. Last week I spent a day with Noel Rojas of Rojas Cigars in Richardson, Texas. Noel is a maker of cigars under his own label and offering custom blends for the discerning customer. We spent the majority of a day trying different tobaccos from multiple regions and then testing blends to come up with what would become the next Customer Ashe Blend.

The Ashe will celebrate it’s one yr anniversary on November 16, 2019. I decided to offer a one year blend as a unique offering on that day. The goal is to produce only 200 sticks with a selection of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru and Sumatra. This will be a very unique and flavourful cigar that is medium bodied with a very clean finish resulting from the Peruvian tobacco that is available from the INCA tobacco grower in Peru.

Some of the pics below show the different test samples that we tried during that day of blending. Come by on November 16th to try the unique blend we’ll have for that day!!