Cigar Club in Dallas

Cigar Clubs


Most cigar shops are kind of like motorcycle dealerships and gun stores:  Full of testosterone and tall tales of stories past.  Some cigar shops have private lounges or cigar clubs that offer a nicer, more quaint seating area for more frequent patrons that spend time on a daily or weekly basis smoking cigars.  A cigar club might consist of a separate room with additional TV’s and more comfortable chairs. Some even go as far as offering drinks, member only events like whiskey tastings and cigar producer presentations.  Some cigar clubs even have a private outdoor area.  Often times a cigar club will offer a flat rate discount on cigars in trade for a membership fee.  Sometimes this can be worth it if you are a frequent smoker. 

Ours is different. We offer a member’s only back room and patio. This gives those that desire a membership a private place to enjoy a cigar alone, with other members or with their guests and significant other. We are the only cigar shop in Dallas inside 635 with a cigar friendly patio. We are the only Dallas cigar shop that offers our members 20% off on cigars. We are the only Dallas cigar shop to have a well lit, modern decor, clean and very woman friendly smoking environment.


Regardless of your desire to sit in a retail shop or cigar club and chat the day away between puffs, always remember, there is a time and place for everyone and every activity. 

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