Cigar Sizes

If you’ve ever wondered why cigars come in multiple sizes, ie lengths and diameters, fear no more there is an answer. Taste profile.

You have to remember that a cigar is made up of multiple tobacco leaves bunched together, wrapped by a binder of tobacco and then rolled with a final “wrapper leaf”. In order to make a cigar bigger in diameter, a cigar roller has to add more tobacco. More tobacco can add and sometimes dilute the flavor of other tobaccos that make up the cigar. The wrapper leaf or outermost leaf that you see and touch is the most indicative of what the cigar will taste like. That’s why most cigars are named after the wrapper leaf. When the wrapper leaf is changed to a different type of tobacco, the cigar can completely change in flavor. With that in mind, also look at a cigar from a wrapper leaf proportion to filler leaf proportion. Comparing a cigar to a Jack Daniels and Coke, the wrapper leaf is the Jack and the filler is the Coke. When the cigar has a ton of filler leaf tobacco to make it bigger, the ratio of wrapper leaf is diminished, hence watering down the flavor and strength of the wrapper leaf. The opposite occurs when a smaller ring gauge cigar is made.

So to Wrap Things up (pun intended), when shopping for a high quality smoke, when given a choice, always choose a smaller ring gauge cigar when given a choice.

FYI: cigar dimensions are Length (measured in inches) and Ring Gauge (measured in 64ths of an inch).

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